Hi Everyone, Looking for a older Desktop Computer. Thank You
Mine just went out going to take 6 to 10 days for new one to arrive willing to repost it when new one arrives
I would greatly appreciate any sizes of duvet covers you're no longer using. Thanks for reading.
In search of flocked Christmas tree in Hermitage area. Thanks
In search of a working record player; in Hermitage area. Thanks
I am looking for any free school supplies for 2018 school year.
Hoping to find a flat iron for hair. An old curling iron is fine. I'm taking cosmetology classes in 1 week, and would like to practice at home. Plus, I have to style my own hair and wear makeup everyday.. I just spend $$ on the courses and I will take whatever I can find thank you, in advance
I need a Lexmark 1200 all in one printer if anyone has one they are not now using and have bought a different kind I can sure use one because I have a lot of ink for that kind of printer. Thank you.
Hello, all! I will be starting my first year of teaching this upcoming school year and will be working in a small classroom with students that are diagnosed with either emotional or behavioral disorders. This is an intensive group of students, in a low income district, with a range of needs that would LOVE to start the school year with fresh supplies!
Hello, I am looking for basic school supplies for my students with special needs. I will be teaching grades K-4 at a Youngstown City school. This is my first year teaching and any help will be greatly appreciated. :)
I'm looking for baby boy clothes sizes 0-3 or newborn. Also an infant carseat.
I am looking for an air popper that doesn't need oil. Thank you.
needed for a terrarium project
0-3 months or newborn baby stuff needed! Thank you.3302619176
I am in need of moving boxes of all sizes and bubblewrap or anything to help me move thank you
I am looking for some nice clothes for my husband for his birthday. He is a big guy and a veteran. He loves neutrals, plaid, and natural, breathable fabrics. I would love to be able to give him some nice sweaters, a couple shirts, and shorts. He could also use some more shoes, he is size 14W. Thank you for reading!
I'm in need of a working dehumidifier. I can pick up Poland or surrounding area. Thank you
I'm looking for an empty 100# propane tank that is able to be filled. I can pick up poland or surrounding area. Thank you.
Looking for Christmas Decerations that you may have laying around and dont use anymore. Hopeing to find cheap or free. My kids and I are about to spend our first Christmas together in 4 years I've work hard for this im so excited there 8 and 9 now. I don't make alot of money and cant afford gifts and decorations both new. Any decorations greatly appricated. Thank you.Please contact me thru emai...
Looking for an older or antique merchandise display case that is counter height. 12' long or 2 6 foot long ones that work side by side. Will negotiate price. Thank you.
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