10-Dec-2018Youngstown, OH+16 milesItems Wanted
I am a single mom of 2 and have a baby due in February and my lease was just up, I work a full time job and I am having problems finding an apartment to rent and get settled in and prepare for baby. I don't have the best credit and I think that's why. If anyone knows of anyone or anywhere that has at least 2 bedrooms for rent and affordable close to or in struthers oh, Please let me know, call ...
28-Nov-2018Youngstown, OH+16 milesItems Wanted
Got a baby coming in a few weeks and still need alot, with 2 other children just trying to make ends meet. If anyone can help me. I'd appreciate it greatly. You can text 3302618176 Thanks so much!
27-Nov-2018Youngstown, OH+16 milesItems Wanted
I'm in need of helpI just bought a trailer in stoneybrooke village because our credit score isnt above 600 we do not qualify to live in the park and because our house is so old we can not move it we have to be out of the park by the first and because our home didnt pass inspection to be moved safly the park is taking our home because I can not get it Moved i don't even have the funds to move it...
20-Nov-2018Youngstown, OH+16 milesItems Wanted
Mine blew out Any kind which works thank u in advance
18-Nov-2018Youngstown, OH+16 milesItems Wanted
I'm watching a baby that's 5 mos old she doesnt like to b laying down all the time so I need a walker or a bounce chair and a couple bottles and baby spoons along with a playpen and toys as I have nothing my baby is 13 yrs old thanks for who ever can help
18-Nov-2018Youngstown, OH+16 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking into starting to make quilts for myself and family. If you have any fabric or supplies laying around you don't need, I would happily take it off your hands.
18-Nov-2018Youngstown, OH+16 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a loveseat, color does not matter, just would prefer that it not be broken.
Wanted a vise to hold wood or metal.I can remove from basement or garage.Mike 330-536-8850.
16-Nov-2018Youngstown, OH+16 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for 2-4 kitchen chairs for a dinner table. I don't have any now, so take what I can. I I don't need more than 4. 2 are just perfect
I'm look for a few baby items - a baby walker or bouncer chair a playpen baby spoons and bottles toys and a couple outfits 12mos thanks for who ever can help contact through text 330-979-0370
13-Nov-2018Youngstown, OH+16 milesItems Wanted
I know a family in need. They have 4 kids and a grandchild. The mother lost her job and the father is dissabled receiving only ssi. They were talking at the atore by there house and i realized they are in need. They have a 17 yr old son, 15 ur old aon, 12 yr old son, and 11 yr old daughter. Also a 17 month old grand daughter. The kids are in need of shoes, sizes 9.5, 8.5, 7.5, in boys and mens ...
12-Nov-2018Youngstown, OH+16 milesItems Wanted
Hello! My daughter is 9 & loves crafting. Looking for any craft items for her! Papers, coloring utensils, stickers, fabrics, anything that she can make things with! Thank you.
17-Oct-2018Youngstown, OH+16 milesItems Wanted
Hi Everyone, Looking for a older Desktop Computer. Thank You
14-Oct-2018Youngstown, OH+16 milesItems Wanted
Mine just went out going to take 6 to 10 days for new one to arrive willing to repost it when new one arrives
I would greatly appreciate any sizes of duvet covers you're no longer using. Thanks for reading.
In search of a working record player; in Hermitage area. Thanks